Mutiny Brewing Company one step closer to brewing?

Ah, it's wonderful to be back in Joseph Oregon again!  Last night Bill & I walked downtown to the Mutiny Brewing Company for a quiet little dinner and to check out the new winter menu.  As always our question: Is Mutiny Brewing Company closer to brewing its own beer?

Our attentive server Moses assured us that Kari plans to start brewing beer next week.  If that's the case, then our Joseph Oregon microbrewery should be serving by the end of January 2010!  We'll keep watch and continue to report.

As for dinner, the Tasty Rice Bowl was definitely that--black beans and avocados floating in a dollop of sauce with a lot of peppery punch!  And Bill's Asian Chicken Salad was as savory and delicious as usual.  The special Barley Mushroom Soup with Beef was definitely the show stopper--savory, hot, and just what you need on a winter night in Joseph Oregon.  And Mutiny Brewing Company has a fan page on Facebook where the specials are posted.

Keep it up, Kari!  Our bed and breakfast guests are anxiously awaiting the new Mutiny Brewing Company beer!

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