Where to find the best Joseph Oregon weather report

Want to know where to find the best Joseph Oregon weather report?  It's the same one we use nearly every day here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast and you'll find it at josephoregonweather.com  

A view to the south from the Joseph Oregon Weathercam showing Mounts Howard, Bonneville & JosephWhy is it so special?  Because you'll not only find the current weather and the five day forecast, but you'll also get two live webcam feeds that give you a view of what's happening to the south (looking toward Wallowa Lake and Chief Joseph Mountain) and to the west (looking farther away at the...

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The Best Buffalo You've Ever Seen or Your Money Back

View of Stangel buffalo on the hillside of Oregon Highway 3 with the Wallowa Mountains in the background. Here at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast in Joseph Oregon we send our guests out for all sorts of wildlife viewing opportunities.Well, I'm not quite sure how you'd get your money back from these buffalo as the viewing is free--but aren't they the best buffalo you've ever seen?  Joseph Oregon resident Mark Lacey recently posted this gorgeous photo to his Facebook account and I couldn't help but share.  When you visit Wallowa County in Eastern Oregon in the spring you might just see buffalo up on "the North Highway" (aka Oregon Highway 3 north of Enterprise, Oregon).

It's quite a sight to see these buffalo that are part of...

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Zoho Music and our Hells Canyon Lodging

It's been two years since Joachim Becker last visited our Hells Canyon lodging. Last time, the president of New York-based Zoho Music made us a gift of Zoho Music's upcoming release, Tribute to J.J. Cale.  And just like last time, Joachim's stay was too short!  We'd love for him to have the opportunity to drive the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway or take a run up to Hat Point for the incredible view.

Zoho Music Celebrando with Hendrik Meurkens Gabriel Espinosa Anat Cohen and Antonio SanchezBut he did leave us with another parting gift.  Zoho Music's 100th CD release is Hendrik Meurkens and...

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Train Robbery Tips: Book Your Train Robbery Now!

Elgin Stampeders plan to rob the Eagle Cap Excursion Train in June 2012 in Northeastern OregonThe Eagle Cap Excursion Train is up and running for the 2012 season.  Lots of changes this year, but one thing that hasn't changed is the Elgin Stampeders Train Robbery!

Where:  Train departs from Elgin, Oregon (North Eastern Oregon) and heads down into the roadless Grande Ronde River canyon.

When: Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why:  This annual train robbery draws attention to the Elgin Stampede PRCA Rodeo July 12-15, 2012.  The robbery unfolds like a movie with plenty of horses, excitement, laughs...

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African Drumming on 4/13/12 at Lears in Enterprise Oregon

African Drumming at Lears Restaurant in Enterprise, Wallowa County, OregonThe last African Drumming session of the 2011-2012 winter season takes place at Lear's Irish Pub (I know it sounds a little corny--African Drums & Irish Pub) on Friday, April 13, 2012.  Starts at 7 pm.  A good time to get out and dance and shake off the last of the winter blues!

We take African drumming seriously out here in Eastern Oregon.  This group meets regularly and then performs on occasion at Lears.  A not to be missed event!

If you plan to drop in for the drumming you'll need somewhere...

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Backcountry Ski in the Wallowas of Eastern Oregon

The Wallowa Mountains are picture perfect for backcountry skiing. One of the local outfitters running trips is Wallowa Alpine Huts.  I just couldn't resist this video from their "WAH TV" channel on YouTube.  Fantastic conditions, great skiers--you'll notice no one is skiing in anyone else's tracks.  And where are the crowds?  None.

Early Spring is still time for great skiing.  If you need one more dose of a snowy Eastern Oregon vacation, check out Wallowa Alpine Huts, or check our other blog...

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Attention Pacific Northwest beer drinkers: Beer hunting in Eastern Oregon through April 2012

Eastern Oregon controlled beer huntYeah, it's a gimmick, but so what?  Here's another reason to plan your Eastern Oregon vacation soon--the controlled hunt Beer Tag!  To fulfill the hunt, you'll need to visit four of the six (count 'em) microbreweries in Eastern Oregon by the end of April 2012.  

Who/where are they?
  • Barley Brown Brew Pub (Baker City)
  • Beer Valley Brewing Co (Ontario)
  • Mt. Emily Ale House (LaGrande)
  • Mutiny Brewing Co (Joseph)
  • Terminal Gravity Brewing (Enterprise)
  • The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub (Pendleton)
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Jingle Thru Joseph 2011 Promises to Delight

Swiss Rose Engine 18 Karat White and Yellow Gold Pendant Designed and Executed by Stewart JonesHere's another good reason to visit North Eastern Oregon in December: Jingle Thru Joseph is the signature event for Joseph OR holiday shopping and entertainment.

It all starts on Saturday, November 26th, with a Light Parade at 5 pm (well after sundown) on Main Street in Joseph Oregon.  All the entries are lighted--ranging from horses & wagons to the lady in the oversized martini glass encouraging holiday sobriety (you just never know what'll show up in the Light Parade).

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Spend "Black Friday" in Joseph Oregon!

Calderas Restaurant Gift Shop and Art Gallery in Joseph OregonIf you're contemplating the crush of crowds at the local mall on the day after Thanksgiving, we have a better suggestion. . .spend Black Friday in Joseph Oregon!  There won't be the crush and the shopping opportunities are much better and very personable.

One of our favorite restaurants--Calderas--is also an art gallery and upscale gift shop.  For  Black Friday 2011, Calderas is hosting the "Eat & Shop Till You Drop" Event.  From 11 am to 8 pm on Friday, November 25th, Calderas will feature 15%...Read More

Progress on Joseph State Airport--Open Again in October 2011

Joseph State Airport near Joseph Oregon during September 2011. Photo courtesy of Elane Dickenson of the Wallowa County Chieftain.This Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast provides complimentary transportation from/to the Joseph State Airport for our bed and breakfast guests.  It's been a little difficult since August 2011, however, since the airport's been closed for repairs.

According to Elane Dickenson of the Wallowa County Chieftain, it won't be much longer until the airport is open for business again.  The 5200' runway in the process of being paved and refurbishment of the taxiway and apron is not far behind.

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Nez Perce Art in the Wallowa on October 1, 2011

We're already getting into fall in Eastern Oregon which means it's time for the 15th Annual Nez Perce Art in the Wallowa.  The 2011 event gets underway with the art show and auction from noon to 4 pm at the Wallowa Lake Lodge (the historic Wallowa Lake hotel), followed by dinner and a program at 6 pm in the hotel's dining room.  The show & auction are free to the public and the dinner & program are $45 per person.

As in many years, artwork by Native American artist George Flett will be...Read More

Wallowa Lake and the Wallowa Mountain Country from Joe's Point of View

Here's a wonderful video of stills shot by one of our favorite Wallowa County photographers, Joe Whittle.  Just bumped into this today and couldn't wait to share it through our blog.  Joe really captures the spirit of what it's like to be here in this Eastern Oregon wonderland.  Worth the view--and the music's good too.

Even autumn and winter can be a great time for vacationing in the Wallowas.  When you're looking for the Wallowa Lake hotel, don't forget to look about 5 miles down the road in...
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SCUBA Diving at Wallowa Lake is a Rather Chilly Proposition

Bluesman diver from LaGrande Oregon as seen on the Northwest Dive Club website with his impressions of diving at Wallowa Lake in NE OregonWe don't get many scuba divers or snorkelers at Wallowa Lake--I'm guessing it's because the water is so cold (even in summer) and the lake is at elevation (4400 feet above sea level).  However, a local (LaGrande, OR) diver with the moniker "Bluesman" posted a couple of years ago about diving at Wallowa Lake on the Northwest Dive Club website.

I especially like his comment about Wally.  Doesn't every lake have its own sea monster?  Rumor has it that the locals used to sacrifice a virgin to Wally...Read More

Labor Day Weekend in Northeastern Oregon

It's nearly time for Labor Day Weekend and the last hurrah of summer.  If you're thinking about a Joseph Oregon vacation, now is the time to plan if you'd still like to take advantage of the widest availability of things to see and do at Wallowa Lake and Joseph Oregon.

Vali's Alpine Restaurant at Wallowa Lake Oregon is open for dinner from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend from Wednesday through SaturdayVali's Alpine Restaurant closes after Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  If you haven't had the chance yet to have dinner with Maggie and Michael and Dionne then you'd best book your reservation soon!  They offer only one entree choice...Read More

Late snow in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon

This year it's very late snow in the Wallowa Mountains of Eastern Oregon.  I didn't realize quite how deep, however!

Rich posted this article and wonderful photograph in the Outdoors blog of The Spokesman Review, the local newspaper in Spokane, WA, on August 3, 2011:

Whiteness greets hikers slogging deep into Eagle Cap Wilderness

Photo from the Outdoors blog of The Spokesman Review submitted by Rich on August 3, 2011 featuring Jeff Lambert of the Spokane Mountaineers

BACKPACKING — The photo above shows Jeff Lambert of the Spokane Mountaineers in the last weekend of July along with Mirror Lake and Eagle Cap Peak from Carper Pass —...

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Things to do at Wallowa Lake: Wallowa Lake Marina

Wallowa Lake Marina as photographed by Stephanie D on Yelp.comThe Wallowa Lake Marina supplies just one of the many things to do at Wallowa Lake in Northeastern Oregon.  Rent a motorboat, a paddle boat, canoe, kayak, rowboat, or the 21 foot pontoon boat!

Stephanie D. from Sacramento, CA, recently reviewed the Wallowa Lake Marina on Yelp! and had this to say: 

Wallowa Lake is a beautiful destination in North Eastern Oregon. The marina provides visitors with canoe, motorboat, kayak, rowboat, party boats, and paddleboats for reasonable prices. You can also... Read More

Buying local and supporting independently owned businesses

Independent We Stand

The Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast, just like most bed and breakfast lodging, is a small, independently owned business.  Once we retired from the US Army, Bill and I opened the Bronze Antler B&B in June 2001 because we wanted to own our own business and keep it a manageable size.

Sine then we have hosted guests from all over looking for an Eastern Oregon vacation spot.  We currently employ three fantastic staff members and are proud to provide local jobs.

And we buy local as often as we can from...Read More

Artists in our Bed and Breakfast

Raku by Dave and Boni DealYou just never know who's coming through the door when you own a bed and breakfast.  We often have artists stay with us when they're visiting Wallowa County and Joseph Oregon.

We recently hosted raku potter Boni Deal and her daughter Sarah for a mother-daughter Eastern Oregon vacation.   Sarah's leaving soon for 2+ years in Africa to teach elementary school-aged children.

We supplied Boni and Sarah with names of local potters they might visit including:
Jim and Anne Shelly of FireWorks Clay Art
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Last minute availability in Joseph Oregon for 4th of July Weekend

Sawtooth Mountain Room at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast in Joseph OregonIt doesn't happen often but every now and then we get a last minute cancellation.  One person's loss, but another person's gain.  If you need a room in Joseph OR this weekend for Friday & Saturday nights, July 1 and 2, 2011, have we got a room for you!

The Sawtooth Mountain Room is definitely one of our more popular rooms at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast and suitable for a quick Oregon romantic getaway.

Private attached bath, queen-sized bed with luxurious linens, air-conditioning (though you...Read More

AAA 3 diamond lodging in Joseph Oregon

Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast the only 3 diamond approved AAA lodging in Joseph Oregon and Wallowa Lake OregonAre you looking for the only AAA 3 Diamond rated lodging in Joseph Oregon or at Wallowa Lake?  You've found it right here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast!   We've been sitting on this information for about a month, waiting for our official recognition plaque and outdoor signage but we just can't stand it anymore!

The road to becoming a AAA 3 Diamond property is not for those who want instant gratification.  Once you've made the decision you'd like to be considered by AAA, then you must apply,...Read More